Our Programmes

A holistic approach – Our programmes are holistic and integrated, linking with Families, Schools and Professionals from Local Authorities as a support network around the young person.

We understand the stages of going from Childhood to Adolescent to Adulthood and the many challenges these stages bring. That is why our programmes support students from Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 5. We work from a holistic approach taking into account the environment the students are from, the challenges they have already faced and their needs; mentally, socially, emotionally and physically.

Below are examples of the resilient and wellbeing outdoor programmes we run which include a range of activities that connect students with nature.

Early Intervention

It is more effective to provide early help when problems first arise than to intervene later (DfE, 2018; EIF, 2018).

Supporting students in Primary and Secondary Schools

Supporting children and families

Early intervention can also prevent further problems from developing – for example, as part of a support plan for a child and their family when a child returns home from care (DfE, 2018).)


Supporting students through the challenging times of transitioning, which can bring anxiety and stress to students. Young people go through the rites of passage at different ages. Feeling times of anxiety, stress and pressure:

Primary school to secondary school

Within Local Authorities Children’s Services

When families relocate

Bespoke Experiences

Our experience and working partners enable us to offer package that may include:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Liaising and co-working with YOT, Children’s Services, CAMHs and Educational Psychologists

1:1 work

Long term support

Holiday support

Pushing limits

Nature’s Challenge’s programmes enable children to safely step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Outside of the classroom

Providing experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom to promote positive beliefs and foster a sense of self.

Not for profit

We are a not for profit community interest company, reinvesting in local schools and communities to the benefit of young people and their families.

South West Based

We deliver programmes throughout Devon, Plymouth and Torbay that connect young people with nature to develop their resilience and wellbeing.