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What we do

Working with schools and partner agencies, we have a student centred approach with the aim of building individual’s resilience and wellbeing. This is achieved by delivering activities that connect students with nature, with the five ways to wellbeing embedded throughout all of our programmes. Thus, having a lasting positive impact on the individual, family and community they live in.

Resilience and Wellbeing

Resilience is your ability to bounce back, combined with your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances. This is achieved whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing. It is possible to develop resilience and wellbeing to enable a more positive and healthy life.

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Connecting with nature

Nature provides children and young people with an environment in which they can be curious, challenged and trusting of their instincts. Our programmes teach children and young people to push their limits to step out of their comfort zone, in a supported and safe way.

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Experiential Learning

Nature’s Challenge offers Experiential Learning opportunities outside of the classroom to build social connectedness, foster positive self-efficacy beliefs and provide opportunities for students to explore their personal sense of self.

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Our Programmes

We deliver 6 week, 1 day a week transition programmes, 1:1 bespoke programmes and larger school group activity programmes. Each programme is challenging, engaging and based on experience and research. We are located in Kitley Estate, Yealmpton, Devon and deliver throughout the South West.

Our approach includes stakeholders at the start of the process, and they have an input in the design and development of the programmes for their students. Stakeholders include, SENDCOs, Education Psychologists, Social Workers and Family Therapists. We have a holistic approach that looks at all elements that feed into student’s behaviours. Assisting students to identify strategies to support themselves and others ensures we have a strength based, student centred focus.


Through working and planning with partnering agencies our overall objective is for the students that we work with to develop their resilience and wellbeing, and personal skills for life.

With access to 600 acres of woodland and nature